Can you drop the bridal party off and then go back and get the groomsmen?

Yes we can, you can do what ever you like if its with-in your time that you have booked. Lola likes to meet the whole family anyway:)

Do you do weddings in the Hinterland?

Unfortunately not, Lola is getting old and doesn’t like the hills.

Can I have my baby come along in Lola?

Unfortunately their isn’t any suitable seating in lola for a car seat.

Can I pay in full when I book Lola?

We just do a deposit on the initial booking and sort the rest of the money out on the day in cash.

Are we able to bring our own music?

Yes please bring anything you want to listen too.

Can we decorate Lola with our wedding colours?

You can decorate Lola with-in reason, we provide beautiful white ribbon and flowers to the front of Lola already. If you want to add to it then we can discuss it.

Beautiful evening wedding on the Gold Coast with Lola the Kombi in service once again
Lola's roof is down and the sun is shining on this wedding party
Lola the Kombi is upstaged by 4 beautiful women