Terms and Conditions - Blissful Dubs

These terms and conditions of booking set out our obligations to your commitments to us when you book arrangements with Blissful Dubs. These together with the information contained in the booking confirmation is the basis of our contract with you. It is important that you read through the terms and conditions before you book. It is important to understand these terms and conditions apply for all bookings with Blissful Dubs whether you have chosen to read them or not and are applicable to all members of your group.


Please note that our Kombis are of original 1960s manufacture and are without air-conditioning and seat belts and because of the later cannot accommodate child safety seats.

By making and confirming a booking the hirer unconditionally accepts all of these terms and conditions and requirements and limitations found in the Blissful Dubs terms and conditions web page.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all passengers are aware of these terms and conditions.

The Kombi are hired for a minimum period of 1 hour for formals and 3 hrs for weddings, which commences when the Kombi arrives at the designated time and pick up location.

Rates start at time of pick up and price applies from pick-up time to drop-off.


A non refundable $200 holding fee is required for weddings and $100 for formals. The full balance is due two weeks prior to service, Or if agreed with reservations in cash on the day of the wedding.

If the full balance is not received by the due date Blissful Dubs will consider it as a cancellation unless in cash on the day is agreed by both parties.
Additional charges may apply if any changes to the booking is made after the original hire agreement, such as extended booking time and extra km's travelled. Payments must be finalized before the hire date.
Exceeding the time of the original hire agreement will incur an additional hire car fee of $170 per 60 minutes you will be invoiced after the event for this extra time.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that there is adequate time to travel to and from destinations.

Payment can be made by direct deposit, cash, bank cheque or money order.


All changes must be requested in writing. We will make every effort to accommodate your changes but may not always be able to do so. Adding additional time or distance after the final payment date may incur charges. A date or time change is subject to availability. Please be aware we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Cancellation of the hire agreement surrenders the deposit and is therefore non refundable.


Every effort is made to provide the exact Vehicle make and model ordered, but just like any vehicle there is always a chance of mechanical breakdown or accident. If this situation occurs and another Kombi is not available Blissful Dubs reserves the right to offer the next best substitute vehicle or a full refund will be offered.

If the weather is poor and heavy rain is expected we reserve the right to cancel the booking and a full refund will be given, we make our best endeavour to find a suitable alternative for you.


Every effort is made to ensure your safety and adhere to the Health and Safety Act or government regulations pertaining to the activity and have adequate insurance. Blissful Dubs take no responsibility for any loss or injury incurred by any party members.

The hirer accepts and indemnifies Blissful Dubs and its employees against any loss, consequential or otherwise as a result, direct or otherwise of a failure to meet time deadlines. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that there is adequate time to travel to and from destinations. Furthermore, the hirer indemnifies Blissful Dubs against any and all claims as a result, direct or otherwise, consequential or otherwise, of failure to arrive at the destination at the appropriate time or at all.

Subject to any rights the customer/hirer may have by law, in no event will Deluxe kombi Service be liable for any loss or damage which the customer/hirer suffers as are a result of Blissful Dubs actions or the actions of its agents.


Drinking and smoking is strictly not permitted in the Kombi.
In the event of body or paint damage to the vehicles due to negligence the hirer is liable for all repairs.

Any overly intoxicated person that is deemed to be unable to travel safely will not be permitted to ride.

The driver may end the journey at any point without refund if passenger behaviour is illegal, inappropriate and offensive.
No objects or parts of a body are to be placed outside the Kombi whilst in motion.

Limitations of Use

The Kombis will not travel upon unsealed roads. Driveways or very small stretches of unsealed roads are agreed upon; simply we cannot take the Kombis on long unsealed roads, due to the damage that can occur. In very special cases, it can be negotiated, but is not preferable.